Electrical engineering team leader

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Electrical engineering team leader

· B.Sc. in Electrical engineering. - Must

· At least 5 years of Experience in Analog and/or Power electronics designs (AC/DC, DC/DC topologies design, Analog circuits design, Operational Amplifiers circuits, Familiarity with modern power components, Noise and Signal integrity concerns. -Must.

· Minimum of 5 years of proven experience in a Board and PCBA design – Must

· Experience and familiarity with hardware design for FPGAs

· Microcontrollers DSP and SOM (Xilinx, ST, Intel SOM modules advantage)

· Experience in VHDL/Verilog at least 3 years

· Experience with interfaces/protocols – PCIe, DDR 3 or 4. - Must

· Familiarity with the common inter chip communication protocols:(I2C, SPI, UART/USART, QSPI). - Must

· Familiarity with the common inter module communication protocols:(CAN, LIN, RS232, RS485, RS422, ETH) -Must

· Experience with on board FW/SW integration (close interaction with Embedded team) - Must

· Deep understanding of High Speed, Power and Signal Integrity concepts for board design - Must.

· Understanding of Magnetic theory and concepts - Big Advantage

· Experience with Microcontrollers, DSP’s, FPGAs - Big Advantage

· Familiarity with PCB production concepts and stages and definitions – Advantage

· Ability of design PDN (Power distribution Network) and On Board Auxiliary power system - Big Advantage

· Familiarity with KiCad software, schematic and Layout for fast PCB prototyping - Advantage

· Ability to lead projects from scratch to production

· Good computer skills

· High skills in English, speaking and writing

· Meticulousness and excellent organizational skills

Cv office@ellers.co.il